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Next Meeting at Brewster

Village Community Center

Monday February 27th at


3300 W Brewster St.

Appleton, WI



Now Available This Winter. . .”

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Cashews and Mixed Nuts… v


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Fresh and Delicious

Mixed Nuts or Cashews…

Could your business or group

sell nuts for our 2016-2017

fund Raising???

Contact DCI through the

info below

“Disabled Citizens Program Goal”



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See you again at the

2017 Holiday Party

November 24th 


Romy’s Nitingale

W5670 County Road A

Black Creek, WI   54106

Click on me for map.

Click on picture for map and details.

DCI  thanks the staff of Romey’s Niningale 

for their excellent food and hospitality.

We can’t say it enough…

“Thank you!”



Every 4th Monday

We hope to see you at our 

Next Group Meeting …..at

Brewster Village

3300 West Brewster Street

Appleton, WI  54914-6444

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Click here for map and directions.

Check this website for meeting days and times.

We Post Meetings on Craig’s List as well.

We now meet at. . .

Brewster Village  Club House/ Activity Center.

and not the Thompson Center


 Click on the link above for the map…

 Note We don’t  maintain an office at The Thompson Community Center, or

Brewster Village  Club House/ Activity Center.

 so if you need info about DCI., INC. Check this website or contact Mark S.

(aka: “Shuggy”) (9-two-0) 7-five-0- Zero-5- eight-3

Please check back here and on Craig’s List for changes

Thank you in advance for your interest in DCI.   Hope to meet you at the next meeting.

Consider getting a “Wheels Express”  DCI Newsletter for meeting info and great articles.


Disabled Citizens Info:  We Invite All persons interested in our goals to become member. We also invite your donations. For further information please contact any board member through their email. Officers: President – Bruce M. email: bruce7591@att.net Vice Pres. – Mr. Rene G. email: rgrode@gmail.com     Treasurer – Keith N. email: Kneimuth3@new.rr.com

Newsletter: Bruce M. email: bruce7591@att.net Keith N. email: Kneimuth3@new.rr.com Web & Media Contact: Mark S. (aka: Shuggy) email: shuggy1110@rocketmail.com*


9:00 am:

Parking Committee Meeting

Every Second Tuesday

of each month at

Location Tba

… call Jill at Easter Seals

for the current location


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Check back for 2017 meeting announcements


Every 4th Monday 6:30PM DCI Meetings

except for December…No Meeting in


 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥

Upcoming 2017 meetings to be announced…

February 27th

March 27th

April 24th

May 22nd

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A Big Thank You!

to our

Friends at NuMotion for

Hosting the Annual

Wheel Chair Wash Friday


Click the below pic for the website and info:


Contact:  NuMotion/ Appleton

for Durable Medical Equipment,

Power Chairs, Scooters and

Top-Notch Service.



Why not subscribe to our monthly newsletter???

“Wheels Express”



Thank You!

We are so thankful to all the supporters who helped us

with 2015 – 2016’s 

“Fundraising-Nut Sale.”

We’ll have them again this fall!

We can’t say it enough…

Thank You!




Winter Bowling League

“Walk’n Roll Wheelchair Bowling League”

For more Bowling info contact Sabre Lanes1330 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952 …the Valley’s only Wheelchair Bowling League, and you need to be a part of it!! It’s fun and you’ll meet new people, and you can knock things down that you don’t have to pick up!  It’s one able-bodied person and one person in a wheelchair or mobility device.  To join or to get more details…call Sabre Lanes 920-739-9161

SW10291R10.eps_0501    wheelchairbowling (2)



DCI/ (Disabled Citizens Inc.)  Presidents Note:

By Bruce M. President/ DCI

Special Note: If you have or want any Medical Equipment you can contact

Larsen Winchester Lion’s Club at: (920) 427-3244.

They are in need of Wheel Chairs.   

Click on the Lion’s logo for the Larsen-Winchester Website

                            Lions Club      

Click above picture here for the Larsen Winchester Lion’s Website



Archive Pic’s are here now.  

Mark S. will add any photos you like.


Please   Patronize Our Supporters; especially the ones who supply door-prizes and stuff for our annual Fund-raiser-Christmas Party.  If you won a gift or were the successful bidder on an auction… “write to the Supporter and say…”Thank you.”    This helps us to continue our mission and makes it a whole lot easier when we ask for participation in the future… so please write to them and say… THANK YOU!



Need Handicapped Transportation? 

Register for Handicapped Transportation At …

Making The Ride Happen

820 W. College Ave/ Appleton, WI 54914

Call. . . “Making the Ride Happen”

(920) 225-1719

  • Answer questions about transportation options for older adults and individuals with disabilities 18 yrs+
  • Help individuals resolve transportation problems for medical appointments, social events, etc.
  • Promotes choices in quality transportation for individuals to enhance their lives and the life of the community.
  • Work with community organizations to improve coordination and collaboration in order to improve access to transportation

To make the ride happen for older adults and individuals with disabilities 18yrs+ so they can remain active and involved in their community.

  • Volunteer Driver Program
  • Bus Buddy
  • Valley Transit and Valley Transit II
  • Rural Outagamie County Para-transit
  • Calumet County Senior Resource Center
  • Dial-A-Ride: Northern Winnebago County
  • St. Paul Elder Services

Seniors_bus    920-225-1719     1-888-200-0576

Email:    mrh@lsswis.org


Click here for the MTM website.

Click here for the MTM website.

 You must pre-register





Wheel Chair and Ambulatory

Call (920) 832-5789

Valley Transit Bus Line will accommodate wheelchairs, power-chairs and scooters!


Fox Valley Cab  920-734-4545



Call ahead for handicapped

assisted rides:  920-734-4545


Who We Support (partial list)

1) Bubolz Nature Preserve We meet there in the summer months.

2) Challenge the Outdoors

3) Beaming, Inc. – (Horseback Riding for the Challenged/ Disabled)

4) Compassionate Paws 

5) FVTC – Fox Valley Technical College Scholarships

6) Making-the-Ride-Happen

7) “Your non-profit organization here”

8) Wheel-chair Wash (Annual) – 

9) Outagamie County Sheriff’s Dept. K-9’s 



Accessible Parking Committee meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 9:00am at the Thompson Community Center, 820 West College Ave., Appleton, WI 54915. We work together with many local contractors and enterprises. Handicap Accessible Parking…Are you up-to-speed regarding the Federal and Local Regulations and Statues? Don’t worry we can work together so you don’t make an expensive mistake!

We would enjoy speaking with you regarding your needs.

  • Get Handicapped Parking Signage from us for your public access. 
  • Consulting is available to you at no cost!
  • We are a resource for learning about correct design proper size and placement, regarding the number of parking spaces to conform to current Federal and Local Standards; compliant with ANSI & ADA.
  • Free On-site Assessment to help you to conform to the most current laws- eliminating confusion and saving you time and money.
  • Our signs meet all codes …the best quality & affordable.
  • We are your one-stop source for the correct Handicapped Parking Signage– our signs will last for years and years… they are…”Wisconsin-Weather-Proof!”
  • Reflective-Premium-Grade



Coming Attractions…

to a Handicap

Parking Space

Near You!

Click Here For Our Featured Handicap Parking Video


“Here’s an example of our little sign at work”



What would you buy with three-hundred dollars?

Please let us know:


  1. New Snow Tires
  2. New TV
  3. Trip to the Casino
  4. Pay Bills
  5. Buy a New Dog
  6. Save it for “special occasions”
  7. Buy a used accordion
  8. Partial down payment on a new vehicle
  9. Have a party for my friends
  10. Buy lots of Cat/Dog Food
  11. Buy lots of Cat Box Litter
  12. Get something special for a loved one
  13. Vacation at the Dells
  14. New Shoes/ clothes
  15. Use it to purchase Gasoline

There’s a lot of thing we all can do with three-hundred dollars…

Paying fines for illegal-handicap-parking isn’t on anyone’s list.

Tell your relatives, friends and neighbors;  this is what the 

parking situation has come to.  Please leave you comments

at the very end of the page.




Some Very Cool Videos…


Desperate for A POWERCHAIR…

Can you see why?

Don’t Let This Happen To You

SCOPE volunteers…parking violators




 “Video of the Month”

Listed Below


A-w-w-w-w- say it ain’t so????

 Sept – Oct 2015 “Video of the Month”


 May – July 2016 “Video of the “Month”


Oct – Nov 2016 “Video of the “Month”

Super Bonus Video 2016


” Video of the Month Feb -March 2017″

“Website of the Month”

CP Aquatic Center

Green Bay

“Click” on the picture below to get more info,

you won’t loose your place here

CP Aquatic Center

Green Bay

new video postings…

Got a cool video to share?   Please let us know.
Let us know which one is your favorite.



Click-on the pictures for  the website


A&J Mobility

A&J Mobility


Accessible Bath Solutions

ADA Assistance for Low Income, etc.


Beaming Inc. / Equine Therapy


Bill-Ray/ Friendly Bed

FB Model-1.JPG

Bubolz Nature Preserve  


 CP Center Aquatic Center


Cerebral Palsy Inc

Many Services Watch Video

Calumet County – ADRC


Captel Services/ Tom Slattery

Challenge the Outdoors


Compassionate Paws

Community Assistance Resource

Guides (by County):


Community Eye Care


Disability Voice


Tim’s Mini Bus Trip


More on Tim Carey – Giving voice: Appleton

man works as advocate for the disabled.

Thank you Tim for all the wonderful things

you do.  You are a real asset to our

organization… We love you!



Tim Carey- A Guy Who Never Gives Up

Giving voice: Appleton man works as advocate for the disabled

Disability Census (ADA)

Empowered Dream Hunts Inc.

Easter Seals   

Easter Seals/ Wawbeek Program

Clic on pic for Mega-Video Page

 Fair Housing of N.E. Wisconsin  

logo Fair Housing Council

Fox Valley Technical College   

Fox Valley Technical College

GT Mobility


Home Helpers


Human Race

Click Above Logo For The Human Race

In Loving Memory RIP

Anne Schwaller – Human Race


Justin Hines

Knights of Columbus


Larsen-Winchester Lions

Lions Club

Making the Ride Happen  


MTM Transportation Management

Joe Martin

Joe Martin

National Seating & Mobility

in Greenville, WI

N922 Tower View Dr. Unit H, Greenville WI, 54942

Phone : 920.364.9659
Fax : 888.740.9340

NuMotion Formerly: United Seating

& Formerly: Reliant Rehab

Open 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday

through Friday

Tel: 920.749.3777
Toll Free: 800.924.8313
Fax: 920.749.3763
920 N. Westhill Blvd.
Grand Chute, WI 54914

Options for Independent Living


Outagamie County – ADRC  

Aging and Disability Resource Center

Outagamie County Sheriff’s Dept K9’s

Reliant Rehab …Now “NuMotion

Please refer to the above/ below link for



Tureks Plumbing, Inc.

Schommer Final_100910 005http://www.disabledbathrooms.org/bathrooms_for_the_disabled.jpg

Used Home Medical Equipment


Winnebago County – ADRC

Aging and Disability Resource Center


Wisconsin DNR “Open the Outdoors”

Contact information
For questions about accessing recreation opportunities contact:
Anthonette Gilpatrick
DNR accessibility coordinator

accessible hunting

Wisconsin Service  Dog  Resources

WRP/ Wheel Chair Recycling Program…N-O-W the “Mobility Store”
Independence First Mobility Store

Click Here


Did we miss anybody in our link section?

I try to keep it up to date.

If we need to add an organization, please

Let Mark S. aka: “Shuggy” know.

Thank You

   Got a video or anything to share???

Let us know


Thank you

for your continued support

by helping us to help others.






  Disabled Citizens, Inc.  
is a 501 c3 Non-profit
Service Organization